Will they blend? XML meets JSON The challenge here is to blend together data in XML format with data in JSON format. We queried IBM Watson about news on Barack Obama and on Michelle Obama through a REST service API. Michelle Obama headlines are returned as JSON, while Barack Obama headlines are returned as XML. In this workflow the responses are read from an XML and a JSON file resp. Will they blend? ... and yes! They blend.

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Hi RS,

can I use ungroup node to convert column to rows?
I have a table containing only one row, and 20 columns. I want to convert these columns to rows.

Many Thanks,

It depends on the format of your data, but I think what you may want here is the Transpose node.

Hi ScottF,

Thank you very much. I search this node many times in Node Repository, check spelling many times, but I was unable to find this node in my KNIME. When this node is published??

Many Thanks,

That’s strange. The Transpose node is part of the regular KNIME installation - no extension should be necessary. Can you drag and drop the node from the link to the Hub I provided above?

yah so strange, I just drag and drop, KNIME should developed online Analytical Platform, so no issue will be raised