04_Meassuring_Variable_Importance do not work with split column

Hi everybody I downloaded and tested the "04_Meassuring_Variable_Importance" workflow which is found under 04_Analytics/11_Optimization/04_Meassuring_Variable_Importance in the Knime Examples. 

The problem is that I used a decision tree and used the option "Force root split column"  and when running the workflow it suddenly stops saying that the variable used to split the tree is not in the table.

I did a modification to the original workflow and added a nominal column which happens that is the split variable, 

Please see the attached images. 



I am also attaching the workflow

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in each loop one column is excluded. Hence the column new cat which you used a split is in one iteration not in the datatable and this is why the loop fails.

Best, Iris

Thank you, Iris so the test should be done without any split column? right

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This is not possible with this workflow, yes.