2.10.3 bug: column aggregator ignores custom names for aggregate column

Dear KNIMErs,

Another 2.10.3 bug: the column aggregator node ignores custom names give to aggregate columns by double-click - in my case, a "Minimum" operation on two date columns went back to the default "Min" column name, while the executed node still displays my custom column name.

Annoying, so a fix would be appreciated. :-)


I have seen this, the bug has been around a while.

If you put a custom name in, it is imperative you press return after you type it in, otherwise the name doesn't seem to be applied. For example, if you click off after you type the name in, the custom name remains present but it doesn't seem to be applied in the node execution.

Is this the case in your example?

Either way, it's a bug that needs fixing.


Hi E,

as Simon pointed out it is a problem with knowing when the user has finished editing the name. The new name is currenlty only applied once the name editor looses the focus either by clicking somehwere else in the dialog (except the apply/ok buttton) or by pressing enter after renaming it. If you close the window while the name editor has the focus the changes are ignored. Sorry about that. We will have a look into it to see if we can fix this. Thanks for reporting the issue.



Simon / Tobias,

Thanks for this, can reproduce. :)


Hello everyone,

the problem will be fixed with KNIME 2.11 which will be release in December.