2D coordinates with path?

Hey! I'm trying to recreate something in KNIME I did with SPSS a while back. Among other things I need to visualize the path someone took in a virtual environment. But I don't know if it is possible in KNIME. There is an image attached of what I mean. The overlay inside the coordiante system I did myself after I had the path visualization.

I got the X and Y coordinates at fixed time intervals, and the distance to a given target. Can someone tell me how to get a similar visualization in KNIME?

If there is no such node for path visualization in Knime, I suppose it's possible using the Python integration and matplotlib?

I'm open to suggestions!

Or the R View nodes?  If you have the S script for the SPSS visualisation, it might go a long way to the R script you need too


you can use the Color Manager node to assign colors to your data (e.g. dependend on the distance to the target) and the Scatter Plot or Line Plot node to visualize your data. Beyond that you can use the JavaScript Interactive Views or any R script to create the plots.


Thanks for your replies! I tried your different suggestions. The Scatter Plot was not enough, because it doesn't connect the dots. The Line Plot doesn't connect the dots in the order specified, but sorted by x value. The JavaScript Line Plot was able to give me a path, but i was missing control and decided to try the R nodes.

With a little research (I am totally new to this) I found how I could get a path visualization by using geom_path from the ggplot2 package. So I used the Table to R node and connected it to a R View (Workspace) node which contains following script:


locx = rframe$LocationX
x_label = "X"

locy = rframe$LocationY
y_label = "Y"

distance = rframe$Distance
legend_title = "Distance to Target"

id = rframe$ID
trial = rframe$Trial

title = paste("Path of Participant #", id,", Trial: ",trial, sep='')

labels = labs(list( title = title, x = x_label, y = y_label, color = legend_title))

plot <- ggplot(data = rframe, lineend = "round", linejoin = "round", linemitre = 1, arrow = arrow(), show.legend = FALSE, aes(x = locx, y = locy, color = distance, size = 2))

plot <- plot + geom_path() + ylim(-1000, 1000) + xlim(-1000, 1000) + coord_fixed() + guides(size=FALSE)

plot + labels + scale_colour_gradient(limits = c(0, 1400), low = "red", high = "blue", space = "Lab", na.value = "grey50", guide = "colourbar") #+ facet_grid(id ~ trial)

The arguments for ggplot doesn't seem to work properly. The line appears segmented. Does somebody know how to fix that?

To control the line join and line end parameters, you need to put the correspondent arguments into the geom_path() object:

plot <- plot + geom_path(lineend = "round", linejoin = "round")

If you want to have anti-aliasing, you need to export your plots using ggsave(). I recommend exporting them as SVG because it's 2016 and everything else is so much nineties.