3.6 DB nodes (preview) - strange symbol in SQL code editor

I noticed this little lightbulb symbol in the Query node code editor when switching to RegEx in find/replace, but have no idea what it means and what to do about it.
Does anyone know?


I have never noticed this and also don’t see it on my Windows machine. What OS are you using? At least the tool tip suggests that it is a indicator that the field support content assistance but I could manage to get any assistants myself.
What do you think in general about this feature since we are wondering if it is useful at all or if it just takes up a lot of screen space.
We plan to replace it with a data preview window which will be visible when you click on the evaluate button (see below dialog proposals below). This will help you to evaluate queries while the dialog is open.

After Evaluate was clicked:

If an error occurs:

How do you like the evaluate option?


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The Evaluate panel would be great, it would allow code editing end-to-end right in the node. Currently I have to prepare and test the code in an external editor, then paste it into the node and would only make small adjustments to the code after that.
On the other hand, I do use find-replace feature quite a bit, for example to remove quotes from field names (to make queries more readable for diagnostic purposes), to replace table aliases, etc. It would be handy to have this feature, but maybe it can be hidden at the top and expand down only when needed?