3D-e-Chem Pharmacophore reader and locale

I don’t know whether this is the correct place to notify issues for 3D-e-Chem nodes. Sorry if I was wrong.

My problem is related to “Pharmacophore reader” node, which generates Pharmacophore cells whose pharmacophore points are stored in the string representation of my current locale (italian locale, which uses comma as decimal separator character). The phar file used for input has numbers represented in english locale (with dot as decimal separator character)

This cause execution failure for the “Extract pharmacophore points” node, when it is connected to “Pharmarcophore reader” node output port.

I downloaded the latest release of 3D-e-Chem nodes (v1.1.6) which includes the new version of Pharmacophore plugin (v1.0.2), ad the issue has disappeared.

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