3rd party libraries on non dev linux test platform

I have created a plugin jar that I built against a 3rd party library jar but for various legal reasons I cannot distribute my plugin along with that library jar and so the end user will need to download the library themselves.

When I deploy my plugin jar on a linux machine for testing as end user under the knime 1.3.1 install it will not run correctly since it is missing these libs. Is there some well known LIBPATH or something I must define for knime/eclipse so that the plug-in will find this lib?


To my knowledge there is no such thing like a LIBPATH variable Eclipse would honor to resolve classnames.
If you develope the plug-in with the library somewhere in the plug-in directory (e.g. in the /lib dir), you probably have to remove the lib before you deploy the plug-in, then the end user could just copy in his/her jar into that lib dir after installing the plug-in and should be fine.
That's not very comfortable - but the only solution I can think of right now.
- Peter.