5.1.0 Feature Request - Simplify output

When one has a very large metanode(s) with multiple inputs and outputs, is it possible to (perhaps) color code the input/output points? It is very hard (and dangerous) to keep track of all the outputs when linking them to other subsequent nodes.

Thank you.


Showing the output name upon hover or click would be helpful as well.

Hi @sw1336 and @iCFO,

Your suggestion is now in our list to investigate it further. Please keep sharing your valuable feedbacks.

Thank you!

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I’m curious, why is there a need for so many input and output parameters in certain situations? When we compare it to logic in textual programming languages, we can have many input and output parameters for a function. However, typically, if we encounter a function that requires a large number of input or output parameters, I would consider how to reorganize my code.

I am guessing that those outputs are tables being read in from a few databases at the beginning of his workflow.

@HaveF Understood. This WF has a lot of output which goes into various reports. The nature of the report is such that there are multiple sources of data from various datasources.

I am taking over from someone who retired from the company who used MS Access to generate the required output. This is phase I - where I converted the old process into KNIME. Needed to complete Phase I quickly in order to maintain reports and knowledge transfer.

Phase II will be to reorganize, and make the workflow more efficient. However, I don’t particularly see a way out of not using the large number of inputs and outputs as I need each and everyone of them for the final output.

Correct @iCFO. This is the start of the WF. Then comes pre-processing and the rest…