5.2.0: Table View node reporting different row counts in reports, based on pagination

Hey @ajackson,

this is not directly related but still a problem. In the case of non pagination we don’t know how heigh the table should be, as there could be multiple 10000s of rows. This is why our default is also set to aspect ratio, which means that the table height only depends on the available width. Auto is mainly useful if you have a neighbouring view, which has a more defined height. In this case the table will make itself as heigh as the neighbouring content.

In case of pagination we actually know the height in advance and we could make it fixed, but that would make alignments with other views kind of hard.

We are aware that the current solution is not yet optimal and are still searching for better solutions.

Side-note: As soon as you print it to a report the table will make itself as heigh as its content.


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