5.2 An internal error occurred during: "Node Repository Loader".

After updating from v5.1.2 to v5.2 I’m getting an internal error occurred during: “Node Repository Loader” warning on opening Knime. No luck on trying to research this error, any suggestions?

An internal error occurred during: “Node Repository Loader”.

Hello @benpope,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Version 5.2.0 is encountering problems with KNIME extensions that throw exceptions, such as LigandScout Extensions for the KNIME Workbench – KNIME Community Hub, which is not yet compatible with Apple silicon chips. If you encounter this issue, you will unfortunately see an empty node repository until the problematic extension is uninstalled. This will be fixed in the upcoming version 5.2.1.

Your error message doesn’t seem to align perfectly with the known issue. Could you share your knime.log for further investigation?


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