64bit Version of RDKit

Hello.  Is there no 64-bit version of the RDKit?

I am running KNIME 2.6.1 on Windows 7 (64-bit) and keep getting the error:

ERROR RDKit Could not load native RDKit library

Thank you, in advance, for any help that may be available.

Cheers, CharlieW

Hi Charlie,

There is a 64bit build, but I am afraid that I made a mistake when I updated the build this weekend. Yesterday's nightly build for win64 was broken.

I fixed the problem last night and today's nightly build should work. If you update your knime nodes they should be fine.


THANK YOU, GREG!  Your assistance is very much appreciated!  RDKit works like a charm now!    Cheers, CharlieW

Hi, I'm getting the same error:

ERROR     RDKit     Could not load native RDKit library

after having installed the RDKit nodes from the nightly builds.

Please advice!


what KNIME version and build are you running, and what OS are you using?