A bit curious about the support for image formats.

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We know that KNIME image support for SVG and PNG formats is good. However, it seems that the JPEG(etc.) format is not well supported in most nodes. Even in new Python script:

knio.output_images[i] to output images, which must be either a string describing an SVG image or a byte array encoding a PNG image,

I’m a little curious, so why exactly? Is it just because of the lack of various resources? Or is it for other patent reasons?

BTW, I’m happy to tell you( :heart:Lovers of KNIME), I wrote a book about KNIME in Chinese, and published now!
(First KNIME book in Chinese) 书籍介绍 | 数据分析指北

Happy KNIMEing everywhere, Cheers,

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There is this way to convert images to JPG but sometimes there are problems for example with transparency settings.

Next approach could be to store images directly from within python nodes. Which is not very KNIME like but might work.

BTW: congratulations on your book

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Hi, @mlauber71 Thanks for your workflow :+1:, new node :white_check_mark:
“Read Images” node only support SVG and PNG…Yes, we have various ways to read JPG etc, but… :joy:

I just curious, “Why” :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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