A certain string in cells of a column should be preserved


I would like to enter the following text in a column, for example

Universal Praez. Machine shoe
UMS6-KDSA (pat.)
*with screw compensation *
without vibration isolation,
support surface x total height
L x W x H: 110 x 110 x 65 mm.
F max = 60.000 N
*F max = Fvsp + Fg *
Adjustment range +5/-4 mm
Note: text text!

keep only the string “Adjustment range +5/-4 mm”, everything else should be removed. The two numbers “5” and “4” can vary, but remain numbers without decimal places.

I have already tried with the String Replacer node and StringManipulation.

regexReplace($column with range$, “.(range \+ \d+ / - \d+ mm).|.*”, “$1”)

But all without much success.

What is wrong and what can i do to solve it.


I found a solution with Chat GPT :slight_smile:

regexReplace($Spalte mit Verstellbereich$, “(?s).?(Verstellbereich[^\n])|.*”, “$1”)

Thx anyway

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Thanks for posting your solution! It’s nice that ChatGPT can help solve some of these more tedious syntax problems. :slight_smile:

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And obviously it also translated Adjustment range → “Verstellbereich” :sweat_smile:

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