A dashboard for node "views"?

Hi all,

I realize I can combine views by creating a component and setting up an interactive dashboard, but this seems to be limited to specific knime nodes.

There are many nodes that have a nice “view” option (in the context menu when I right-click), so I’m wondering if there’s a way to summarize these views into one view or dashboard, instead of having to right-click each.

Hi @tnad

I ran into the same thing and noticed next to some widgets only those nodes under Views > JavaScript seem to give all views when you rightclick on the component and selection “Interactive View”.

I found the following work-around for e.g. plots created within R to become visible on the interactive view of a component.
I configure the Table View node so it shows a maximum of 1 record and on the Interactivity tab I switch off all interactivity. The endresult looks the same as when I choose “View: R View” when I rightclick on the R View (Workspace) node.

You can add more than one of those Table View nodes in a component and they all show up on the Interactive View of the component.


Thanks @JanDuo. This seems to work only for nodes that have an image output. Hopefully there’s a way to handle the rest or maybe it’s a feature suggestion to allow the ability to export a view to a node (in addition to the manual method).

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You mentioned a dashboard @tnad, so I initially thought you would wanted to view images. My reply was also an example to show you there are work-arounds available.

Could you supply an example of yourself in which you would like to be able to view the output in the interactive view of a component? Maybe this can be changed into something viewable as well?

@JanDuo Well many nodes have a “view” option but no image output. You can get that image if you manually open the View and go to File and export as png or svg. These will not work with the “image to table” node above, right? One example is the 2D/3D scatter plot (by Erlwood nodes). Another is Model acceptability criteria (by Enalos)

@tnad You are right on nodes with additional view options. But sometimes these supply the same data through an outputport as well. Starting with an example given by you could help us here on the forum to search for a workaround.
Both examples are from extensions, which I never used. I found the first one on the hub: 2D/3D Scatterplot. This one has no outputport, so my idea on using output isn’t working here. Maybe the developer @erlwood_cheminf could help you on this?

For the other one, the Model Acceptability Criteria, there is output, but I don’t know if it’s the same or similar to what is shown on the view. From the description it seems like text. If the output can be changed into text you could use the Text Output Widget node to display it on the dashboard. But again, in this particular case maybe the developer @novamechanics can help you?

I don’t think there is a rule of thumb applicable for all views of all different nodes. By making your question as specific as possible in the beginning helps in getting you the answer you are looking for :slight_smile:

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