a few feature requests

It would be great if...

  • the column filter supported image / labeling column types
  • there was a parallelized column loop
  • a "screenshot" of the table view (especially with double values as bars) could be created as png for the whole table instead of only the currently displayed part


Besides of that, I love to see how Knime is getting quicker and quicker (and better) :)!



any outlook on those?

Is there a better way to direct feature requests to Knime?

I assume you still want to get those requests, don't you?

Lorenz, thanks for your feadback which we are happy to track in our system. One question, what do you mean by " there was a parallelized column loop" -- are you missing any nodes?

There is already a parallelized chunk loop start node (i.e. for rows), so it would be great to have the same for columns.