A loop into a loop


i have a probably trivial question.

My aim is to realize an univariate logistic regression on 5 parameters. For each one i have 5 different targets.

So finally i need of 25 constants and coefficients.

I am able to insert the target from the flow variables panel of the firts loop (using current column name) but i have problem with the argument of the regression, it doesnt evolve with the loop and i dont know how can i do.

I hope  that i explain clearly my request.



I would rename the target column using a regex rename node into something fixed (like target). You must control the regex inside the loop using the flowvariable of the current target column.

Does this help?

If you like, you can attach me your workflow and I will check it for you



it s this one.



Puh, this is a tough one.

What of the output do you want to keep?

I attach you a modified version, maybe it helps you.

Cheers Iris