A meta collection about KNIME and performance and performance tuning

A meta collection about KNIME and performance and performance tuning - overall performance of your system (allocated RAM, CPU, disk) - virus scanner - settings about data storage and Java heap space - restart you KNIME once with a -clean option in the knime.ini - check your storage/disk - be aware of possible issues with OneDrive Start with the official blog about KNIME performance https://www.knime.com/blog/optimizing-knime-workflows-for-performance (yes in theory such a blog might cover it all but there is more to a large system like KNIME) Long entry and thread about pedrformance and KNIME "Process 900+ CSV files" https://forum.knime.com/t/processing-hundreds-of-millions-of-records/13593/5?u=mlauber71 Additional thread about performance and collection of links https://forum.knime.com/t/large-data-tables-missing/13108/2?u=mlauber71 If you are stuck and KNIME is not responding or behaving strangely try a clean restart *once* https://forum.knime.com/t/knime-update-next-button-is-not-moving/15539/4?u=mlauber71 Write table to disk and check Java heap space as options to deal with performance issues https://forum.knime.com/t/knime-3-6-crash-when-dealing-with-massive-data/12145/2?u=mlauber71 Check your virus scanner if it hinders performance https://forum.knime.com/t/knime-takes-long-to-load/12669/4?u=mlauber71 Think about using the Cache node at certain points and you might run the Java Garbage Collector to free meomory https://forum.knime.com/t/execute-failed-cannot-read-file-knime-container-20200301-1905559478659870280-bin-snappy/21461/19?u=mlauber71 https://hub.knime.com/search?q=garbage&type=Node Tweak the internal storage (format) of KNIME workflows https://forum.knime.com/t/knime-is-slowing-down/12619/2?u=mlauber71 Be aware that some configurations of MS OneDrive might not support all the spacial chacaters like hash (#) that KNIME workflows need https://forum.knime.com/t/can-not-import-workflow/11115/4?u=mlauber71 https://forum.knime.com/t/can-not-open-knime-workflows-nor-create-new-workflows-after-migration-to-a-new-drive/19058/4?u=mlauber71

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