A new METANODE: "Categorical to numeric"


I wonder if it is possible to add as Metanodo in Data Manipulation, the metanodo that appears in "Nominal to numeric" 050002_CreditScoring example, 050 Applications. Constantly, I use this metanodo to transform categorical variables to numeric when using neural networks or with SVM, and every time I do that, I include all the example of which only use the metanodo in question.

I've taken the liberty of ordering a bit and included the metanodo "File attachments" is highlighted in yellow.

thank you very much

Gabriel Cornejo

Hi Gabriel,

there is actually a node for it. It is called Category to number.

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

I bumped into this topic when searching for a way to include high cardinality features into my modelling. Is it also possible to convert the value of a categorical variable into the proportion of positive instances associated with that categorical value (=supervised ratio)? If so, is there a way to impute these proportions into new, unclassified data?

Kind regards,

See here for @jeandony question: Include High Cardinality Variables as supervised ratio