a node that can change date cell format?


I would like to to join two data tables , the identifier is the date with the following format  yyyymmddhh (example 2016091203) but in one of the tables the format is different (yyyy-mm-dd-hhhh ) so, is there a node that can help me change the format.

Thank you 

Hi Kibrom,

Prior to Joiner node, use String to Date&Time node with both tables. This node will help you to convert the character representation of the date into "date&time" format, which would then serve you as unique identifiers. In configuration window of String to Date&Time node, go to "Type and Format Selection" dialog and in "Date format:" specify (just type in) the date format in your table. E.g. in the first table it should be yyyymmddhh and in the second one yyyy-mm-dd-hhhh. Afterwards, in Joiner node use these newly generated date columns as the unique identifiers of the tables.

Check these two posts for more information (string to date, time series functionality) .

Hope it helps!

Best, Daria




Thank you Daria,

I try to use the " String to Date/Time " node since the date column  in my tables are the Row IDs so I could not see them on the list of "Selection Column" .

can you please advise.


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You can use a RowID node to create a new column containing the row IDs.


The problem was that the date was the default row ID and now when i deselect the " read row IDs" on the imported file configuration, the system gave a new row ID (Row 0, row1, row 2 etc) to the table so now when i used the "string to date" node i can see the date column on the list and i can convert the format. 


thank you all

Hi! Where is “Type and Format Selection”?

Hi @Goger -

It’s the bottom section here:



I have the following date and time format: 2020-08.06T10:29:18Z (from msg-filges).
How can I change this format to dd: mm: yyyy, HH: mm: ss?

Thx in advance!


guess you have your dates in string column. If so use String Manipulation node to and substr() + join() functions to get your desired format.


Hello Ivan,
thank you for response.

I used first the Cell splitter by position and then the node String Manipulation four time.
It works :smiley:

regards Uwe

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Hello Uwe!

Glad to hear you found a way :slight_smile: