Ability to Count and Enter Count Value in New Column


I have a table following table.

|Report Amt |Report ID |Attendee Name|
|948.14 |20835122 |AJ|
|948.14 |20835122 |BJ|
|948.14 |20835122 |CJ|
|948.14 |20835122 |DJ|
|948.14 |20835122 |EJ|

I need to count Report ID frequency and enter that number in a new column (say “Frequency”). Then use divide Report Amount by Frequency to come up with amount for each attendee.

any guidance is appreciated.

thank you

HI there,

just to see if I got it right. So amount for each attendee is 948,18 / 5 = 189,636.

Couple of questions: Report Amt is same per Report ID, right? You have multiple Report IDs in your data set? Attendee Name is unique per Report ID?

If I got it right you can use Group Loop Start node followed by Math Formula node with syntax:

Report Amt / $$ROWCOUNT$$

Close it with a Loop End and that should do the trick :wink:

Try it out and if any problems I can make an example workflow.


Thanks for looking at my issue.

Indeed, it is 948,18 / 5 = 189,636.

Yes, Report Amts align with each Report ID.

Yes, there are multiple attendees for one report id.

Hope that helps.


Hi there,

here is a workflow example:



Thanks a lot.

it works.

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