Ability to filter data in Output Data view of Node


Is there an easy way to query or filter the table data that's visible when you right click on data-related nodes and select the last menu option to see the detail output data from that node?

This would be a really handy feature to have without having to modify the workflow to redirect the output data to a temporary spreadsheet or table in order to be able to query or filter it.



Hi Joseph,

you cannot filter, but you can search (Ctrl+F) will open the search dialog. And you can also sort column if you left click the column name.

Would this be helpful in your use case as well?

Best, Iris 

Another thought would be to use the JavaScript Table View. There you can filter in the view.

Best, Iris 

Hi, @Iris !
Many times I have to apply some filters to check if the logic behind a node works for some tricky values. So, I have to add a JavaScript Table view after a interested node, see if it works and then delete the table view. The Ctrl-F also works, but have all other records in the field of view make the troubleshoot process more dificult (in this kind of scenario, I would prefer to concentrate only in the desired data).


Hello @rafaelesanto83,

glad Table View works for you. Anyways there is existing ticket (Internal reference: AP-6020) where I have added +1 to have filtering in Output table view.