abner null result

Hi in knime version 3.7.0 abner tagger is not working. Thus when filtered using tag filter it results in a NULL table. See attachmentabner.xlsx (11.5 KB)

Hey @InsilicoConsulting,

I will have a look, thanks for reporting.


Were you able to reproduce it julian?


unfortunately, I could not reproduce it. What do you exactly mean by NULL table?
Could you reupload the file, but using the Table Writer node to create the file? The Excel file only stores the String values for documents and terms and not there original data structure.

Which settings did you use for the Abner Tagger and Tag Filter?



Table file uploads aren’t allowed on forum. It seems that Tag node does filter Abner tags , but my requirement is is to understand what those tags are. So on using the “bag of words” node after tagging, I should see TAGS for example in POS tagger followed by BoW one can see Drugs[NNS(POS)], tumor[NN(POS)] etc

I see no such tags for Abner

Hi @InsilicoConsulting -

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue either. Here’s a workflow I made that tags proteins in some example text, and then filters so that only those proteins are preserved. Are there differences in the configuration between this workflow and what you’re doing?

AbnerTaggerExample.knwf (549.7 KB)


my fault. it was creating a new preprocessed doc column and i was using the Document col! thanks


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