About a version of KNIME Analytics Platform


I have a question about a version of KNIME Analytics Platform.

I have used KNIME Analytics Platform 4.5.2 version.
I uploaded a workflow to KNIME Server and I tried to open the workflow by using “as new Job on Server”.
But an error is occurred.

But I don’t know where the informations of 4.5.1 version remain…

I would appreciate it if someone help me.


Hi there @hhkim -

This means that the version of AP running on your desktop (4.5.2) and the executor running on the KNIME Server (4.5.1) don’t match. You can either ask your administrator to update your KNIME Server, or you could reinstall AP 4.5.1 on your desktop and save your workflow in that version before uploading it to the server.

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Thank you for your help.
I decide to downgrade my ap version :slight_smile:


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