About converting the date format automatically to standard format


I want to standardize dates in different formats in a single format. But is it possible to create a node that can do by automatically detecting the format to be converted?

I would be glad if there is a sample workflow I can test.

Note: If there is no date information or special character in the cell, I need to make it blank.

special character for example “/, *, -,? equivalents”

There is a node with close functionality

The better or more robust version most likely could be provided but not for free.


The problem is that there are some formats that cannot be guessed right.

E. g. 01/02/2019. Is this february 1st or january 2nd? Or even worse: 01/02/09?

So you would need to handle these cases somehow or skip dates which cannot be guessed

Another manuel solution would be to chain multiple string to date formatter and check for your most common 3-4 formats :confused:
But I think @izaychik63 node will be the closest you will get without doing something yourself / using other java/python libs


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