About latest version of "KNIME Server Small for AWS".

Hi all

I’d like to upgrade my “KNIME Server Small for AWS” environment.
My current version is " 4.14.2".
And I’d like to upgrade to “4.16” .
But I can’t find “KNIME Server Small for AWS” on amazon market place.

se help me how could I find latest version.

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KNIME Server Small is no longer available on the AWS marketplace, though as you can see KNIME Server Medium is still available.

The other option is to use the process described in documentation [1] to upgrade your existing instance/installation to the latest version without rebuilding your instance.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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[1] KNIME Server Release Notes and Update Guide

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Hi NDekay,

Thank you very much for cleary explanation.
I got it!
Let’me think about setup KNIME Server Medium or try to upgrade current environment.

Best regards,

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