about multiple sheets in an xls file


I need to analyse an XLS file but it contains multiple sheets and I can use only first sheet or selected sheet like one by one in XLS Reader. is there a solution for multiple sheet with XLS Reader or different way ? Also I saw a lot of question about the same problem but I couldn't see solution. Could you help me pelase ?



I'm afraid there is no trivial solution yet, as far as I'm aware.


Why can't you use the Excel reader node as many times as the sheets you want to read?



You can, but hardly elegant. And is problematic if new worksheets are added to the original xls file.



According to its homepage you can use sqlsheet to refer to the sheets as tables in SQL (JDBC) queries. This might be what you want.

Cheers, gabor

With KNIME 2.8 (in summer), we are going to have an Excel Sheet Reader making it possible to use the XLS Reader within a loop.


I solved the issue with ms sql query.  the xls file imported to SQL database with tables(sheet) then I used an sql query for export all required data for knime xls reader.

Gabriel, Excel sheet reader will be helpful :)

Thank you for your interest


I think there are JDBC drivers providing direct support for Excel files, so no need to import content to a DB. (Like http://xlsjdbc.sourceforge.net/, http://xlsql.sourceforge.net/, https://code.google.com/p/sqlsheet/. Based on the documentation I would choose the last one. I have not used any of these though.)

As others noted a new reader is a welcome change though. :) (Also Writer... Like adding conditional formatting, or just writing the HiLite/color properties information, support for multiple sheets, etc.)