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Topics in subcategories are only visible (and, hence, accessible) to lecturers, faculty of higher education institutions, and researchers. Access is only granted upon a check of eligibility, which is usually carried out in a personal discussion with a member of the academics team. The idea for such a strict handling of access being that we want to create a place for you to share and discuss lecture materials, mini projects for students, and even exam questions.

Furthermore, we will use this category to announce new opportunities within the KNIME Academic Alliance. Since we don’t want to flood anyone’s inboxes with emails, it makes sense to drop by once in a while to see what is happening. If you want to receive notifications, you can also track updates in this category via the tracking-button button in the upper right corner just below your user avatar. You can, for example, change the settings to Watching First Post to get an email/notification upon creation of a new topic. In addition, you can adapt those settings for each topic that you are more interested in:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at academia@knime.com!

Stefan Helfrich
Academic Alliance Manager


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Thanks for providing more service to academia! I look forward to the day that there are enough statistical methods added that we could consider replacing SPSS with KNIME.



Dear @BobMuenchen,

On this note: Thank you so much, Bob, for the feedback that you have provided in the past for improving KNIME Analytics Platform in the broad field of statistics! A major part of the points that you have raised have been addressed in the past releases already and we are working hard to improve on them even more.

Did you know that we have added quite some statistical tests into KNIME Labs, e.g. a Friedman Test? We are planning to move a majority of them out of Labs with the summer release of KNIME but not before they have been field tested! We appreciate feedback that you (and other members of the community) can provide.