Abstract date from date&time

My table have a date&time column (in String format) in the contect like “4/25/2020 0:00”. I cannot use String to Date&Time because it does not have a Date format like this. Any way to abstract date from this Date&Time format?

Hi @wuyeehow , the date format drop down is not a definitive set of formats. You can overtype the value with a format of your own,
eg try
M/d/yyyy H:mm

Note I used single M, single d and single H as these are more flexible - these allow both single or 2digit values


Thank you, takbb. I did not even know it is editable.


@wuyeehow , You aren’t the first to not realise (I think it caught me out initially too) and won’t be the last. Glad it’s working for you.

There are also Modify Date and Modify Time nodes which allo you to remove date or time from field

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