Access Databases - error getting the data



I´m facing a problem with a Knime workflow that extracts data from an access database.

I already have the driver installed on my computer and I'm using the database reader with the following url:

jdbc:odbc:DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)};DBQ=C:\\Users\\joana.dias\\Documents\\AHO Project\\CSV - AHO\\Access Databases\\PolioNationalLab_IPAFR2011_06wk4.mdb

I don't understand why but when I execute this node for the first time I always get this error:

ERROR     DatabaseReaderConnection     SQL Exception reading Object of type "12": [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Invalid string or buffer length - all further errors are suppressed and reported on debug level only

But if I open the database reader, make for example "fetch metadata" and the execute it again it works fine.

I'm using 64-bit system.


Does someone knows why that happen?



This looks like an 32/64bit incompatibility of the underlying ODBC driver: