Access files from Sharepoint Online - Knime Server


I’m trying to read files from Sharepoint Online using the nodes below:

But when trying to run the wf as a job on server i got:

Is it possible to install this extension “Get Sharepoint Rest Connection” specifically on server?

Also, to connect to Sharepoint i need to activate proxy connection, but i got 403 Forbidden since it needs authentication and I’m not able to set it to “Yes” in the proxy entries with active provider being selected as “Native”.
Is there any alternative way?

Any help would be truly appreciated,

Hi @JayR,

the AF Utility Nodes are a community extension that isn’t installed on the Server. For that, please reach out to your KNIME Admin. You can also work around this, by not using the extension in your workflow.

For the Proxy:
The setting “Native” will pick up any settings that are set in the operating system. You (or your IT team) will need to configure that in OS settings. If you wish to configure the proxy in KNIME, please set the Active Provider to “Manual”.

Kind regards

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