Access Monitoring Portal data via APIs

Is there a way to access the data in the Monitoring Portal via APIs? I need to make a weekly report in Power BI of runtimes and schedules in our Knime Server, this data can be obtained manually, but it would be ideal to be able to access it via APIs to make the process more efficient.

Hi @garcial34 and welcome to the KNIME Forum.

You can get the job information from the KNIME WebPortal using REST API with GET Request node to the following address. (You must provide the KNIME Credentials.)

http://localhost:8081/knime/rest/v4/jobs (Note that you must change http://localhost:8081 to your server address.

I share with you an example:

You can download it and try it out:

Obtaining_Jobs_on_KNIME_Server.knwf (34.8 KB)

Note that also under the Admin folder on the KNIME Server you can find different workflows to get more information about your KNIME Server.


Let me know if this helps you.

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