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Hello friends,

I have a workspace created inside a Sharepoint. It contains some workflows, which I run periodically.

In the past, only I ran the flows, so the path pointed to reading/writing Excel files (Excel Reader and Writer nodes), despite being in Sharepoint, are linked to my user.

For example: C:\Users\myuser\mycompany\PRA - Documents\Business Intelligence\01. Contracts\01. Databases\myfile - RDE.xlsx

Nowadays, another coworker will also run these flows, so I need to make the path above point directly to Sharepoint, making it more dynamic.

I got the reading through the nodes:

  1. Microsoft Authenti (using interactive authentication);
  2. Sharepoint Online Connector;
  3. Excel Reader.

I would like to know how I can pass the value of the authentication variable to all other flows in this workspace, so that a new authentication is not required when starting a new flow. (I understand that when closing and reopening KNIME this authentication becomes necessary, but without problems).

In addition, I would also like to know, as I was not able to when trying to use Excel Write, how do I write the data treated in Sharepoint as well.

Thanks a lot for the help.

Hi @raulnmsantoro,

Thank you for reaching out! In regards to your SharePoint Online Connector node, are you configuring the “SharePoint Site” parameter based on Root Site, Web URL, or a Group Site?

And for your Microsoft Authentication node, you are using password/username authentication for the authentication mode correct? Not “Interactive authentication”?

And finally, in regard to your question on how to write data to SharePoint, I’d recommend taking a look at this Microsoft SharePoint Data Access workflow on the KNIME Hub: Microsoft SharePoint Data Access – KNIME Hub. It contains some examples on how to write data to SharePoint as an excel file as well as few other format types.


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