Access 'system.out' file generated by JDBC driver

In a particular use case, I require access to the logs generated by my JDBC driver. When we enable debug mode on our driver, the output is written in the ‘system.out’ file. How is that handled in Knime and how can I access those logs?

Hi @SnigdhaBiswas -

Let me ask internally and see what I can find out.

Hello @SnigdhaBiswas ,
by default system.out is not logged. So you have to either start KNIME from the console e.g. in Windows PowerShell ./knime.exe > c:\tmp\out.txt or you can enable the Kerberos logger which is redirecting system.out to the stand KNIME log and console. To enable the Kerberos logging follow these instructions: Kerberos User Guide

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