Access to file server with python script

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I’m currently struggeling with my knime workflow.
I would like to simply add some sheets to my main excel file.
The main excel file has a lot of formulars, so the calculation of the Excel writer action takes too long.
My idea is to improve the perfomance by using a simple python script. Unfortunately I didn’t find a way how to connect to my file server with the python script. Is this a known issue?

I think the problem is that the connection to the file server belongs to KNIME’s Java process and for Python a separate process is started. Hence, it is not possible to use the Java object referencing the file server in Python. You can, however, write the file with the Python script into your workflow’s data folder (use the Extract Context Properties node to get the current workflow path, then append /data with a String Manipulation node), and then you can use the Transfer Files node to upload the file to your file server.
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