Access to mails from a specific user account (Exchange Server) to search them for a keyword

Hi all,

is it possible to get access to mails of a specific user account (Exchange Server /Outlook 365) via KNIME,
to search the emails for a keyword for example “Bestellung” & “Order” ?

My first attempt to read in *.msg files, saved in a special folder, via the Tika parser node worked.
Question 2: Is there a way to connect KNIME directly?



seems there is REST API to access Exchange Server mailboxes so this should be possible with KNIME REST Client Extension nodes.


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Hello ipazin,

thank you for the informations.

I’ve looked at the various nodes, but can’t handle them at all.

Which node stands for what exactly?

I have e.g. be able to establish a connection to a mailbox with the GET Request note.The result is confusing me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And which node is e.g. for reading out the emails?

Can I include HTTP requests in one of the nodes?

For example:
GET / me / messages
GET / users / {id | userPrincipalName} / messages

many Greetings


GET Request node is one which sends a HTTP request (so not a node for establishing an open connection if that is what you think you have done). It is used to retrieve data from a web service. Result (data) you get depends on request you have send. To get data you want you should study API definition and send proper request. Still you will probably need additional nodes to manipulate data to get it in format you need.

Unfortunately I don’t have Exchange Server to give it a try.


Hi again,

is it possible via MS Exchange Connector & the Credentials Configuration Node, and Get Inbox Items ?



seems so. Give it a try and let us know :wink:


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