Accessing Mixpanel API via KNIME


I am trying to access the MIxpanel API via Knime and Cannot seem to connect. I have connected with several other REST servcises but cannot seem to figure out theirs. 

I can get the POST request to authenticate but cannot get the script to work and I cannot get the HTTP Retriever Node to authenticate. Has anyone had any experience with MIxpanel or could provide guidance or help with a simple example of how you were able to do a JQL query through KNIME.

I am trying to emulate this type of call.  (not a working API secret - just the example from mixpanel)

curl \ 
-u ce08d087255d5ceec741819a57174ce5: \ 
--data-urlencode params='{"from_date":"2016-01-01", "to_date": "2016-01-07"}' \ 
--data-urlencode script='function main(){ return Events(params).groupBy(["name"], mixpanel.reducer.count()) }'
curl \
    -u ce08d087255d5ceec741819a57174ce5: \
    --data-urlencode script@query.js | python -m json.tool

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



1) You'll need to create a header for the HTTP basic authentication, which takes the values from the -u parameter.

2) For URL-encoding the data, there's currently no ready-to-use node. (would be nice to have)

So you'll have to resort to some Java scripting for both. For (1) I have a ready-to-use example. Get in touch via email if you're interested.

Kind regards,

Thanks -  have sent an email -gw