Accessing pixel values in a ROI


I would like to access all the pixel values in a ROI I have generated (the objects are subpixel). Is this possible? In other words, each ROI would generate a list of pixel values.



Hi Marc,

so if I understand you correctly, you have a ROI definition as a list of subpixel points and you want the corresponding pixel values (e.g. from an interpolated version of an image ...)?

There is no node for this, yet. However, with the new KNIP release (~4/5 weeks) we will have a `Scripting Node` which will allow you to do what you ask for. If it is very urgent, you could easily write an ImageJ2 plugin which does the job and install it locally into your KNIME. If you need help with that, let me know!



Hi Christian,

yes this is exactly what I want. I was hoping to avoid an ImageJ macro (can't write plugins), but I'll play with that as a workaround until the next KNIP release. Very cool to have a scripting node!