Actian Dataflow nodes incompatible?


In the past I have succesfully used the Actian Dataflow nodes within Knime, but after upgrading both Knime (3.7.1) and Actian ( the workflows do not work anymore.

If I build a new one, with just the Delimited Text Reader node, and assign a text file to it, I get the following error message:

ERROR Delimited Text Reader 2:1 Caught “AbstractMethodError”: Method com/pervasive/datarush/knime/core/framework/internal/PortObjectPeers$PhysicalRecordPortObjectPeer.putIntoTableRepository(Lorg/knime/core/node/workflow/WorkflowDataRepository;)V is abstract

Please advice/Evert

Hi Evert,

Actian has not been active with updates to the DataFlow nodes in KNIME for several Analytic Platform releases. KNIME AP 3.7 changed an internal API that the DataFlow nodes are using. This requires action from Actian to integrate their nodes with the latest KNIME AP release. This is a normal activity for active KNIME partners.

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