Active Learning improvement suggestion


I am a big fan of the Active Learning extension! There’s just a couple of things I hope could be improved for the future.

First, even after doing my best in feature engineering, choice of an algorithm and choice of a active learning methods, there tends to be a considerable amount of labelling to do. Which means that user experience and speed are of the essence. It is a bit annoying that depending on the text to be labelled, the labelling buttons move around in the window. It would be really good if the layout could be changed so that the buttons stay in place. Or alternatively functionality added for adjusting positioning.

Other suggestions relate not just to Active Learning but on component views in general. It would be good if we could also add button controls on our views. Secondly, would it be possible to make the views fully functional and similar to the server environment. It is a bit tricky to perform testing on a workflow when only uploading to server reveals how it will look and function.

Otherwise, thanks for a great product!


Hi @pzkor

Always great to hear this type of constructive feedback – thank you for sharing it! I will give adding this as a enhancement in our system.

About the views: by adding button controls you mean things like adding the back and forward button?

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Thanks Ana!

Yes, I mean the usual type of controls such as Back/Forward/Cancel/Apply. And I am happy to see that 4.4 now has a refresh button to take us to that direction.

But a button control would be useful also in any other kind of single choice scenario. Take the example of the ‘Stop labelling’ tick box in Paolo’s Active Learning Document Labeling workflow. As a tick box it is not very intuitive and in line with what people are used to with their mobiles and other systems.

And on all this, it would be so great if the App built on KNIME Desktop looked exactly same when run on KNIME Server. Not only would it make it easier to deploy when what you see on the server is what you already saw locally, but with full functionality and rich controls enabled one could build Apps to support their personal analytical workflows.

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Hi @pzkor

I think for your last point about data apps: this is something that got improved a lot with 4.4.

I will forward this to our development team, thank you for the suggestions!