Actual date creation from set of months

My data has arbitrary months labelled M01, M02, … M120.
There is a start year column but that varies depending on the project.
M01 will always be Jan of the Start Year.
I can split the M01 to a 01 month column and join to the start year. But how do I get it to run out to month 120 and properly add +1 to the year after Month 12?
In a sense creating actual dates to the arbitrary M01 - M120. 10 years out.

hi @mr2mike
assuming all M01, M02, … are in order, use the “create date&time range” node to set the interval to 1 month.



That’s close. It works for when I have one project filtered in the database. But when I open it up for multiple projects, I can sort it appropriately so this works but when a new project appears, it doesn’t reset to the beginning. I think I need a group loop or something else. But unsure.

How the data is with multiple projects in the database.


you are correct @mr2mike
give group loop start a try (grouping based on your project)

my direct row interation approach using date&range and cell extractor node.

KNIME_project_date-MM.knwf (124.6 KB)


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