Add a New Field to a Table

New to Knime

I am Trying to add a Calculated Field to a set of data (Table) I have a Field called ProjectTitle where a Value would be " National CY07 Project"

In the New Calculated (Which I would call CYCLE) field I would like to evaluate the value with an expression to return “CY07” only. I do not want to make changes to the ProjectTitle field

So far I have learned that the Rule Engine Node May work but is there another Node that is more appropriate?

Thanks for your time.

Hi @Keydet99,
This can be done very easily without needing the Rule Engine node:

Value extraction example.knwf (9.6 KB)


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This worked perfectly!!! Thank you!!!

As I am new where in the nodes is the formula/expression showing how it evaluated the ProjectTitle Field. Currently we are using Alteryx and I would write out a formula in a module


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You could have also used the String Manipulation Node and write a little code there, or even a full fledged scripting node, there is usually more than one way to something in KNIME :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help!!! I ended up using the Rule Engine with the Expression (With the Option to Append Column Selected):

$ProjectTitle$ LIKE “Cycle 7 F18” =>“CYCLE 7 F18”

Prior to KNIME I have been using Alteryx which is good for Analysts who may don’t have a coding background. But honestly I enjoy learning new things.