add a new row / Editing a column

The data I received does not meet one another with other filters because there is no header information in a column. How can I do this if I add a header line to the top row?


I’d be happy to get an answer on this.

Happy to help, but I don’t understand the question…

What should be the value in the missing cell?

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Hi Iris;
For rows to match, I just need to add a row (href) in the most relevant column. any word, so the data in the other columns will be compatible.

to troubleshoot the offset of rows


What I understood from your explanation is that you would like to shoft the values in “href” column by one row down, and add a header to this column. Is it right?

You can use the Lag Column node to shift the values down. After this operation, the first row should be a missing value. I assume that you don’t have any other missing values in this column, so you can use the Missing Value node to replace the first value by the column header name you want to append.

If this doesn’t help, can you describe the result table you want to have more in detail?



Yes, I must add a row to the href column to the most milk. Can you send me a sample.

how should I proceed later.

Thanks :slight_smile: solved problem


Nice to hear! So no example workflow needed any more?


I don’t need samples. solved

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