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Greetings everyone,

i have a problem, which I can’T solve with my rudimentary skills on my own and I have not found a solution online yet.
So my problem is, that I have a quite huge CSV File with persons and their degrees, the list contains thousands of names and has nearly 340.000 rows. Hereby each degree for each person has its own row. I would like to consolidate that, that one row contains all degrees with the corresponding institutions.
The original table looks like that:

So for AJung Moon there should be one row with the structure:
Name, Institution-ID 1, Institution 1, Degree, Institution-ID 2, Institution 2, Degree, Institution-ID 3, Institution 3, Degree.
Do you have any easy solutions for that to solve it in one workflow?
Many thanks for your help and feedback ind advance, it is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

hi @Eflix95 ,
this is my suggested solution
KNIME_project7.knwf (10.2 KB)

this the result

Hope it will be helpful

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Hi @duristef ,
it worked perfetly, many thanks for your help! It helped me a lot :slight_smile:

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