Add Column by Substring Match

Bending my head around which nodes allowing me to add

the column
Table B,Row R, Col2
“additional value”

Table A, Row P, Col 1
“Some string with an identifierXYZ”

Table B, Row R, Col 1

is a substring?

Hi there!

It is a substring() function I would use as well and afterwards Joiner or Cell Replacer node to add column.


A question is how to get identifier out of “Some string with an identifierXYZ”. I used indexOf() function in String Manipulation node but it maybe won’t work in every case you have so think about it.

Here is workflow attached if you want to check settings.
AddColumnWithSubstring.knwf (23.4 KB)

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Looking good, thank you.

But if I require the full string “identifierYZ” from table B to be used for search on all rows of table A for a substring match?

Hey Ivan,

regexReplace($StringIdentifier$, "\\w+\\b (?<!identifier[0-9]{1,3})", "")



Hi there!

Have you downloaded the workflow and checked it cause it seems to me that the workflow is doing it already. If not can you give me an example?


Hmmmh, perhaps I’ve interpreted it wrong … will apply to my flow and let you know :slight_smile:

Sure. If any questions just aks.

Hi @ipazin, sorry … took me a while to get back.
I am still struggling. Your flow identifies the matches by search on TableA.

I am looking for a solution to
search a col in TableA for contents of a col in Table B (am able to get so far, see updated sample attached :slight_smile: )
and then append another col’s contents from TableB for all hits to TableA << this is what I do not find a solution for :confused:

Perhaps the rephrased description above helps to identify one :thinking:

AddColumnBySubstring.knwf (16.2 KB)

Hi @kopfkino !

Not sure what are you trying to accomplish. Can you provide an example of input tables and wanted output table?


Sure, find a sample attached to the previous post :slight_smile:

Hi there!

So the input tables are in Table A and Table B? And what should be the output?


Hey Ivan, thanks for the swift reply.

The output I am looking for would be Table A plus the additional value from B in an extra column for each row where the identifier does match.

Hi there!

Here is modified workflow. If I got you right this should do the trick :wink:

2019_04_09_AddColumnBySubstring.knwf (21.1 KB)

If any questions feel free to ask.


Exactly the tree I was about to climb and doing the trick :wink:
Thank you :smiley:

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