Add data into new column based on column header of a second table

I have two tables.
Table one has a column containing “Work Package Numbers”.
The second table has a number of columns, one for each Project Name. Under the Project Name there are all the “Work Package Numbers” related to each project.

What I would like to do is look down each Project Column in the 2nd Table in turn and where a Work Package number = to a Work Package number in the 1st table to then add the Project Name in a new column to the 1st Table.

At the moment i am using the Reference Row Filter on the 2nd table to do this one Project at a time but this means I end up with many workflow tables rather than a single table which i think would cut down on complexity

Any pointers would be welcome

Think you can use Unpivot Node on your second table - after executing you should have a column “ColumnName” with the Project Name and another “ColumnValues” with all the WP numbers.

The you use a joiner node (first table to top port, bottom port from unpivot node). Configure inner join on WP number column from first table and column values from unpivot table.

Just in mobile at the moment so can’t pull an example together, but maybe this helps for you to solve it yourself :slight_smile:

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Thanks @MartinDDDD, That seems to have done the trick. I will put in the workflow and try it out

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