Add different number of rows to table based on condition

Hi everyone,
My expectation is a row of Business = “Mining” for each month of each column Country value in my dataset. As you can see from the picture, there is 1 row for every month in 2019 for Country1, but only for Februar and December in 2019 for Country2. It can be that for CountryX, only 1 row or different number of rows will be added, or might be that no rows will be added in (if there is already a row for every month).


So does anyone have experience on this manipulation and know an useful node for this topic?
Thank you and hope you have a nice weekend!

Try the Pivoting node. Use the Country Name as pivot, Calendar as group.

Hi there @vinhta1803,

maybe @Aswin got it but I for sure don’t understand what your requirement is and what kind of manipulations are you talking about. I mean you have different number of entries per country but what is your expected outcome/analysis?

Have a nice weekend as well :slight_smile:


@ipazin i also wasn’t sure, but when i see a table like that my OCD response is “Pivot!” so i assumed that that was @vinhta1803’s goal :smile:

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