Add download URL as new column

Hi All

I would like to add Sharepoint URL in imported data (to identify data from which folder).
Does anybody know how to manage this?

Thank you!

Hello @erisu,

what KNIME version are you using?

Whit new file handling framework there is no need to download data locally in order to read it into KNIME. So after source connection is created you can feed connection to Reader node if no loop is need or to List Files/Folder node followed by a loop. Read here more about it:

Also see here about possibility of adding path as a new column when reading data:



Just to add,
a constant value column can also be used to write a path(flow variable) as a table column


Thank you .It worked !

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Great work @erisu
thanks for your feedback and marking the solution so other can find it later as well
br and take care

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