Add Empty Rows Node For Data Insertion

Hi, The Add Empty Rows node is a useful addition to place a new row into the table with a fixed value in string or decimal columns, however it is restricted to placing the rows at the end of the table. It would be useful in a newer version to have 3 options; a. Place new rows at the top of table, b. Place new rows at the bottom of the table, c. Place new rows at a specified row in the table.

The reason I ask for this is after using the statistics node I would then like to place a new row at the top of table which is populated with the total datapoints number. I guess, this feature is something that could possibly be introduced into the statistics node, its always useful knowing how many data points have been used.


I only know to work around this problem by splitting the table and then concatenate the two part later on. The first part was extended with the rows introduced by the Add Empty Rows node. Regarding the the Statistics node improvement, I will open a feature request. Thanks for mentioning it.