Add excel sheet names to column names


i am using the Table Row To Variable Loop Node to read all sheets from an Excel file.

Every sheet contains data of a different KPI (Consumption, Throughput Time, …) but the data tables contain the same information about each KPI (mean, average, delta, …) and also have the same row IDs.

The Loop End Node generates unique row IDs by appending a suffix but I’d rather append the sheet name to the respective row IDs to make them unique.

Is there a way to solve this in KNIME or do I
have to change the row IDs in the Excel sheets?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to KNIME forum. You can get sheets list use

before loop and then use it inside the loop. The Column Expression node can reference columns by number.

I user @ScottF’s workflow and added a new RowID that should do what you want.

05_Read_all_sheets_from_an_XLS_file_in_a_loop.knwf (42.3 KB)