Add FlowVariable into the Flow Variable Panel

Hi guys,

I'm working on a custom node for knime and i want to add flow variable settings into the node, so user will have the options to set the value of variable if needed.

How can I add the variable into the flow variable panel without creating dialogcomponent i dont want to use.

I used createFlowVariableModel in Dialog class and called method addFlowVariableTab but the panel didn't change.


Thank you.

I think to achieve this, you should not extend the default template dialog class, but its superclass. You will have to load and save the settings manually (both in model and in dialog). In nodes created by KNIME this is the most common way as nicer dialogs can be created with more user-friendly interactions (and most of the time with a custom POJO for settings which can handle load/save). Though it is not recommended to have flow variable only settings. You should consider putting those settings to a different tab if you do not expect to be modified by novice users.

Cheers, gabor

HI Gabor, thanks for the suggestion, i will try that.

Is there tutorial or example how to use NodeDialogPane. Mostly how to connect models to panels and how to save/load settings.


Thank you again.

Here you can find one of my nodes which utilize the suggestions provided. (It has two tabs and a settings object.) I could link most of the KNIME nodes too if you prefer more authoritive sources, but the base KNIME nodes are not on github. (Probably I should look around the KNIP nodes, but I am not familiar with them.)

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much Gabor :) Really appreciate that.

Have a nice day.